Arrival + Departure

Plymouth is the place where Sir Francis Drake played bowls before defeating the Spanish Armada; the point of emigration for the Mayflower, its Pilgrims and countless others setting sail for America; where Darwin set sail on the Beagle and birthplace of Scott the polar explorer. This new artwork for the University at Plymouth entitled Arrival and Departure formed part of the University's 150th year celebrations and completes James Square, a new mixed used development comprising a residential building, refectory and the new Rolle Building by David Morley Architects. The piece comprises two opposing forms redolent of nautical bollards. Monuments to journeys. While referring to the many historic voyages starting and ending in Plymouth they also mark the journeys taken by students, both physical and through time.The pieces were hand carved from solid blocks of local granite from the De Lank Quarry in nearby Bodmin Moor, just over thirty miles away from Plymouth.

Client: Plymouth University
Year: 2011


Nick Higgins