Ten paintings by Ian McChesney
Exhibition by appointment at 7 Druce Road, London, SE21 7DW


This is a project that has occupied the past winter. I set out to transform drawings and photographs recorded on recent visits to Scotland into a formal but modest series of oil paintings.

To give my study clear guidelines I decided to work exclusively on identical panels of roughly A3 size, so while subject matter and styles of painting might vary, the images would be unified by scale. There was no absolute idea of subject matter other than to work from recordings of the Highlands and Islands. As the work progressed however, the emergent theme has been one of form within the landscape and so emerged the loose title ‘Landforms’.

From the severe rock formations of Staffa and Foula, to the steep mountains and valleys of the Cairngorms, to the patchwork of lowland crofts set against the backdrop of the Trotternish Ridge in Skye, all have differing forms each with their own abstract and painterly quality which, I have aimed to capture and paint in my own emerging style.